Sunday, February 5, 2017

#NYPD Corrupt Chief of Internal Affairs Hailed by Vice deputy Eric Garner, Adrian Schoolcraft, my case etc.

‪.@VICE Charles Campisi corrupt protected NYPD lying DD5s threats coercion used Ron Kuby's letter topretend no crimes‬

‪.@VICE Ask Charles Campisi about my case, Adrian Schoolcraft, Eric Garner hand written lawsuit under oath! Ray Kelly Charles Campisi corrupt‬

‪.@VICE @PreetBharara @FBI Ask Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi to name when whistleblower they have an retaliated against? #NYPD civilians IAB‬

 Ask commissioners Chiefs of internal affairs all Chiefs , inspectors, captains if they have retaliated against whistleblowers or  stood by silent as them under oath

‪.@VICE Eric Garner indicts Campisi, Ray Kelly from the grace. Guilty in mycase2 blue water ask Campisi under oath!‬

‪.@VICE @fbi @PreetBharara Ask Campisi about Eric Garner handwritten lawsuit, my case, Schoolcraft etc under oath‬

‪.@es_snipes @VICE @PreetBharara Question NYPD Charles Campisi under oath Eric Garner handwritten lawsuit, mycase Adrian Schoolcraft case etc‬

‪@es_snipes @vice Vice hails  corrupt Charles Campisi Eric Garner from the grave indictment‬

.@VICE @PreetBharara @FBI Ray Kelly, Campisi, Esposito, Banks, etc huge pensions huge salaries etc question under oath our cases etc

‪.@VICE @PreetBharara Banks Lt Gannon: I can't upgrade 2nd' assault while suing NYPD Pre suing audio Sgt Chen turned me away false cross ‬

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