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NYPD Liars Verbally Violent Detective John Vergona DD5 Lies Fabrication Ray Kelly defends it read DD5

I have 2 more police documents I will be posting soon....I will start with this one today.

I got this from the defendants lawyer in my lawsuit and I can't thank her enough.

The NYPD involved too cowardly to meet me but wow what liars....let's start with the first day of notes.

If I had not sued I would not have gotten the police notes that show lies -- here is the first.

It proves Det John Vergona lied at least twice in this DD5 -- his notes --





Internal Affairs never met with me EVER to discuss this and ditto for Lt Angelo Burgos.   To date all refused to meet me to discuss anything related to coercion lies threats a false cross complaint and Lt Burgos First Precinct and Lt. Anges of the Integrity Bureau never contacted me and would not respond to my requests as if I was a Jew in Nazi Germany just like Det Vergona and of course my attacker Delita Hooks who yelled at me I have no rights.  Clearly the NYPD and IAB agree.

Internal Affairs never met with me to discuss the lies, verbal violence and Det John Vergona's refusal to meet with me. He forced me to drop charges Saturday Oct. 20, 2012 and Ron Kuby was concerned for my health and I feared even more harm would come to me so we dropped charges.  When I spoke to him Monday morning he and told him I contacted IAB he decide to write a note.  It was not exactly what I agreed to but it is powerful -- short hand for coercion.  To date the NYPD IAB have never interviewed and here is proof of lies.  I have phone records too and witnesses that can verify I tried to meet with Det Vergona and he repeatedly refused yet he lied on the  DD5 stating I couldn't met him. What a liar. He lied stating we tussled to the ground.  Truth he said I was attacked than I had a right to defend myself.  He interviewed me on via the phone on the bus. I sent him the video, photos and had my MD fax him medical records.

Mr. Bratton, Mr Reznick, Mr. Eure, Mr. Boyce, Ms Herman: 

DD5 on with 2 fabrications/lies - do you want me to teach a course at the Police Academy, Harvard, Yale: violence lies thanks to Corp Counsel I got this.To date Mr. Bratton�s NYPD has done nothing so more police documents coming to expose the past administration and to date the current administration since the Corporate Counsel could own up and the City could compensate me, as well as arrest my attacker for 2nd degree assault, false cross complaint, Det John Vergona for Coercion, both for possible witness tampering, and punish NYPD IAB involved.Until I get Justice contacting NYC gov until I get a mayor NYPD Police Commissioner that takes action.2nd lawsuit when IAB sends me a letter I will file in 60 days if I don�t get Justice. cc mayor Bill de Blasio, FBI

Who gets to repeatedly violate a patient rights and than repeatedly violate a patient's
body -- my hand/iphone, my face permanently damaging my eye, ripping out  my
earring, grabbing my hair ripping out my hair with the goal to drag my down the hall
and place her bare foot against my vaginal area and LIE ABOUT  it all including to her
NYPD helpers who sealed her false cross complaint instead of bringing it
to the DA and they threatened me with it first insisting I wait until 20 days
later for a arrest on Saturday at 4pm unless I dropped the charges?

Delita Hooks.

Thanks and gratitude to a mosaic of People all colors and backgrounds male and female who helped me obtain just a little bit of Justice via YouTube aka YouTubeland helping me break  22,000 views to shame Dr Andrew Fagelman who ignored how many yelp reviews regarding his staff and I paid the price with a hole in my retina and permanent damage to my eye and my neck.

Than I went to the NYPD and took 20 days to commit the crime of COERCION.

Coercion is a crime not a policing tool.

Internal Affair also turned out to be corrupt as well so thanks and gratitude.

I believe the NYPD via YouTube posted a comment telling me my lawsuit against them would go no where -- the same words I heard when I tried to report the savage attack.

Well the lawsuit is now past the 9 month mark so what ever the Judge rules it has gone some where and there is a Federal record of what was done to me and via their lawyer I got more incriminating evidence including NYPD DOCUMENTS which are fabrication and from NYPD officers that NEVER MET WITH ME!!!!!!!!

The NYPD prevented me from reporting an alleged HATE crime by the detective that was supposed to investigate my case Det John Vergona pre- lawsuit, also they prevented me from reporting the false cross-complaint - I have audio proof which contradicts what the New York Police Department's lawyer stated to me on the phone attempting to defend her client Sgt Chen.  I have audio of IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell stating case closed.  FYI the case is open.  I have NYPD documents that prove Det Vergona and Lt Burgos lied about me.  Lt Burgos never even contacted me refuse to answer emails asking for BADGE numbers and I sent the email to him to Mr Kelly, Mr Esposito, Mr Campisi and Mr Ed Winski.

Lt Agnes never contacted me.  Reported my allegations unfounded and he is from "the integrity bureau. 

I have more and will get more evidence if I get subponea power. 

Before I was attacked -  note all the bags and FYI my arm was numb with 2 injections in my elbow as well as I held my phone as she repeatedly attacked me.

Det Vergona asked me why did you walk by her.  

I responded if you kept your word and went to the office as he said she would know she sits at the very front of a long closed off  desk....

MD Office Violence NYPD Coercion YouTubeland Justice Delita Hooks Attacks Me a Patient 22,000 Views

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Adrian Schoolcraft Look at CCRB complaint form 1982 Against IA Officers that Kidnapped a Man...Sounds Familiar?

Adrian Schoolcraft Look at CCRB complaint form 1982 Against IA Officers that Kidnapped a Man...Sounds Familiar?

NYPD Internal Affairs 1982 Accused of Detaining Victim Trying to Force him to Frame NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez CCRB Complaint Form

I forgot to include the in the letter to Commissioner Bratton and mayor De Blasio:

Here a link to the letter asking for NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez's honorary reinstatement:

Letter to Commissioner Bratton Reinstate NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez

The NYPD and Internal Affairs are not shy about kidnapping People?

Let's ask Adrian Schoolcraft and by the way in my opinion NYPD and IAB corruption cost
innocent People a lot of money including victims who may or may not ever sue and they should.

ps please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

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NYPD Chief Marino nypd Sgt. Amanda Palmenta Power Dating and Parking

Adrian Schoolcraft's kidnapper (chief marino in my opinion kidnapped Adrian and retaliated against him) a married man was dating a subordinate?

nypd Sgt. Amanda Palmenta Power Dating?

nypd Sgt. Amanda Palmenta

when her big boss moved to Staten Island she got a transfer --
they are engaged according to Leonard Levit's column but the problem
is Chief Marino is still technically married...

talk about power dating and parking

will away on vacation they got NYPD 24 hour 7 day security
courtesy of the NYC tax payers so the power couple
sure now how to get things done..

is there million dollar home near some famous Mafia families...?

Do you ever get the vibe the NYPD is like legalized mafia?

Wow Mr. Marino 3 wives a million dollar home and a subordinate now a fiancé
that was the famous Manny's ex -- Manny constantly getting arrested now
that he is retired...

When you read the beginning of the Adrian Schoolcraft lawsuit -- Marino
is described as elephant balls and described very different than retired
Chief Esposito explaining away Chief Marino's HGH use....

NYPD Commissioner Bratton Chief Marino Kidnapped NYPD Whistle Blower Schoolcraft, HGH, Stop and Frisk Quotas Get's NYPD Guard for his Million dollar home while on Vacation ?

NYPD Commissioner Bratton Chief Marino Kidnapped NYPD Whistle Blower Schoolcraft, HGH, Stop and Frisk Quotas Get's NYPD Guard for his Million dollar home while on Vacation ?

my blogs my opinions....I allege...

Mr. Bratton, Mr Boyce Mr Reznick Ms Herman Mr Eure Mr. Banks: I cant wait to find out what Marinos pension is going to be -- bigger than Mr. Espositos? I was savagely attacked without surgery I would have gone blind vs Mr. Marino HGH use, quotas stop and frisk, kidnapping yes in my opinion and as costly as a private guard for his million home. Funny The NY Post removed the Marino Juicing Article but I found more articles else where.

ps please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

NYPD Chief Marino HGH, Kidnapped Adrian Schoolcraft, Quotas Stop and Frisk has NYPD guard his million dollar home on vacation

  • NYDN HGH Chief Michael Marino Had his 1 million dollar house guarded by NYPD courtesy of tax payers while he and his NYPD gal pal on Vacation --- they are getting married and they bought the house together.     

The NYPD girl pal fiancĂ© of Chief Marino  -- is the other steroid user NYPD SGT Manny now retired constantly
getting arrested ---- ex wife?  I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!  Manny in my opinion sick  and arrested so
many times I can't keep track.

In my opinion elephant balls aka Chief Marino a sick man protected by the NYPD Mafia treated
like NYPD mafia royalty -- how can you be married 3 times and have a million dollar house and
get the NYPD to guard it 24 hours a day.

More from Levitt:

There is one further complication for Marino.
He has been married three times. His last marriage was in 2010 to Sandra Arroyo, a retired NYPD sergeant, whom he met in 1985 when he was a sergeant in the 73rd Precinct in Brooklyn and she was a rookie officer.
They are still legally married.

Wow do you think his pension deal will be EVEN bigger than Chief Esposito's????/

Marnio referred to as elephant balls in the lawsuit by the NYPD whistle blower he kidnapped Adrian Schoolcraft lives in the ritzy part of Staten island -- any where near some infamous slum lord and now respectable Mafia families....?

What is this a heated article....

Here NYPD Chief Marino in his own voice kidnapping Adrian Schoolcraft in my opinion
but isn't stop and frisk and false arresting People kidnapping?  Listen to a retired NYPD officer say false arresting someone is kidnapping in the interview link below....

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape -- they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers."

The NY Post removed the article on NYPD Chief Marino Juicing... Post article on Chief Marino --- juiced tested positve -- listen to Adrian Schoolcraft tape of abduction Deputy Chief Marion sounds "juiced" and like he is the EDP -- emotionally disturbed person not a very calm sane Adrian Schoolcraft.

For those who do not know HGH is like Viagra meets the fountain of YouTube...

HGH is banned by the NYPD but the NYPD fix all kinds of crime and less than ethical behavior...  I interviewed one of the dirty 30 who gave me insights on Internal Affairs as well....  my point the police cannot police the police.

Setting quotas pays office


Dr Richard Lucente......

what's the name of that NYPD Sgt that got caught using HGH -- was allowed to retire and is constantly getting arrested.... I guess if they kept him in jail he wouldn't keep getting arrested...

NYDN HGH Chief Michael Marino 1 million dollar house guarded by NYPD courtesy of tax payers while he and his NYPD gal on Vacation 

A high-ranking NYPD cop linked to a steroid scandal was found guilty during a departmental trial of using performance-enhancing drugs.
A trial commissioner recommended Deputy Chief Michael Marino lose a month's pay and be placed on probation for a year. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has the final say on discipline.
The trial commissioner issued the ruling yesterday, saying that Marino, who was second in command in Brooklyn North, used human growth hormone. Marino's name surfaced in 2007 when he was fingered as one of two dozen cops possibly tied to an illegal ring run out of Lowen's Compounding Pharmacy in Brooklyn. None of the cops faced criminal charges.
Marino, 52, admitted buying a topical steroid cream from the Bay Ridge pharmacy. The 31-year NYPD vet said it was for medical reasons unrelated to body-building. He was initially offered a deal where he would be docked 30 days' pay and get a year of probation. He vowed to fight the charges, but got the same conditional department sanction on Tuesday.

Read more:

NYPD supervisor facing suspension.

The NYPD supervisor caught in a 2007 steroids probe faces a 30-day suspension and a year of probation for abusing human-growth hormone, The Post has learned.

A departmental trial for Deputy Chief Michael Marino, 52, second in command of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, resulted in the recommendation -- but the final decision on punishment will be made by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Marino, a 32-year NYPD vet, was among two dozen cops who bought steroids and HGH from Lowen's Compounding Pharmacy in Brooklyn.

Marino volunteered for a drug test in 2007, which showed he didn't have steroids in his system.

Marino had a prescription for HGH, but the NYPD rejected his claim that the muscle- and bone-enhancing drug was medically necessary, according to sources.

He had obtained the prescription from Dr. Richard Lucente of Staten Island, who was under investigation for writing thousands of steroid scripts.

Marino did not return a call for comment. Since the juicing scandal erupted, the NYPD has instituted random steroid testing for all officers.

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NYPD Adrian Whistle Blower gets No Apologizes but City subpoenas Grayham Village Voice Reporter

NYPD Adrian Whistle Blower gets No Apologizes but City subpoenas Grayham Village Voice Reporter

New York City Subpoenas Secret Recordings by NYPD Police Officer

Is this a message from Ray Kelly Nypd that controls press passes and Bloomberg who has news critical of him, pals and puppets murdered every day?

NYPD and City not big on taking responsibility and apologizing. 

Violating People's Rights intimidation and or worse their motto. Google Dr Fagelman assault watch and read text portion of youtube for NYPD fixing favors retaliation. 

Below comment on Bloomberg Kelly City subpoena...

“I have no intention of cooperating,” Mr. Rayman said. “I think it would be malpractice for a journalist to cooperate with a subpoena like this and would have a chilling effect on what all journalists do.”

Is that why The Village Voice let him go.  NYPD tipped off editors and VV sold him out?

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Adrian Schoolcraft Support Blog My First Post

My first post please look….  go to the post and scroll down -- see about the MD that was prescribing HGH to Chief Marino…read the article...

   PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE AND HEAR DEPUTY CHIEF MARINO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury -- because it was a sure indictment.

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape -- they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers."

The NYPD Abuses Stop and Frisk The Hunted and The Hated

This is a must see YouTube and you will hear yet again how the NYPD are so corrupt and also how they retaliate like gangsters and include me as one of their victims.

Powerful.  This is as powerful as Adrian Schoolcraft tapes.  Until I heard Schoolcraft's tapes. The NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas Casino.

 The NYPD are so corrupt and it is a free for all of corruption and abuse of power under Ray Kelly.  It took way too long to come out.  I had no idea and you  have reporters like Mike Lupica still praising Ray Kelly.  (see the links in the text portion and read more about what went down.)

 Google Dr Fagelman assault and watch me being savagely assaulted.  The NYPD fixed this violent crime by Dr Fagelman's receptionist office manager and the NYPD committed the crime of Coercion as well as I allege fabrication of evidence.  The NYPD did not arrest Delita Hooks for a false cross complaint but made it over and than sealed her crime with their own and in under a year. 

Lt. Anges of the Integrity Bureau -- try not to laugh because the Integrity Bureau has no integrity and it isn't funny would not return my calls.  He didn't believe I would go to the Feds. I have.  Eventually I do believe we will get a new Commission in to NYPD and Internal Affairs corruption and I will testify against them all. I am suing the NYPD and IAB including Ray Kelly and Chief Campisi and all involved who's names I could names and badge numbers were withheld from me including by top brass and Internal Affairs. 

In my opinion ---  I believe I was retaliated against by the NYPD and Internal Affairs for being a whistle blower and in my opinion I believe Dr Fagelman called 1800 NYPD fix it and I had a private investigator ask Dr Fagelman if he spoke to the police. He refused to comment and Det Vergona said the NYPD wouldn't speak to any MD's because they didn't witness the attack.  My MD's assistant witness Delita Hooks coming out from behind a long closed off desk menacing me and they wouldn't talk to her.  Det Vergona refused to meet with me and and told me he didn't care if I had two black eyes.  He was verbally abusive and verbally violent and would only meet me to false arrest me if I agree to wait until the Sabbath 19 days after the attack with a hole in my retina and damage cervical spine.  I asked Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath? Are you anti-Semitic?  Det Vergona did not respond.  Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi are defending Det John Vergona -- IAB let him retire and clearly Ray Kelly believes coercing victims of crime is okay? Coercion is not a policing tool. Coercion is a crime.

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Adrian Schoolcraft Wins another Victory over his NYPD Abuser Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello

Adrian Schoolcraft Wins another Victory over his NYPD Abuser Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello

Mauriello can't sue him!!!!!!!

Ray Kelly king of corrupt cops where is our new commission in to NYPD corruption?

Countersuit Tossed: Transit Borough Bronx Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello (Former Commanding Officer 81 Precinct)

Countersuit Tossed: Transit Borough Bronx Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello (Former Commanding Officer 81 Precinct)

Countersuit Tossed:  Transit Borough Bronx Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello  
(Former Commanding Officer 81 Precinct)

NYPD whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft can't be hit by countersuit from his supervisor, judge rules, calling it unfair for cop to 'expend additional resources'Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello will not be able to sue Schoolcraft, who is seeking $50 million from the city on claims the NYPD had him committed to a psych ward after he complained that the police used quotas and fudged crime statistics
By Daniel Beekman — Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 ‘The New York Daily News’

Friday, October 11, 2013

NYPD Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello among five cops charged with tampering with crime reports

Steven Mauriello, NYPD Deputy Inspector and Adrian Schoolcraft's Antagonist, Takes Off the Kid Gloves


NYPD Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello among five cops charged with tampering with crime reports

Read more:

Mauriello is CLEARLY desperate.  If he thinks that this will win him support from the public, he's even more of an idiot than I thought.  (Shame on his attorney for filing such a frivolous document.)

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Adrain Schoolcraft Trial Anytime Soon?

Adrian Schoolcraft Trial -- the closest thing we have to a Commission in to NYPD Corruption begins Sept. 2013?  

How can you help Adrain Schoolcraft.   If you have ideas go for it but right now tweet the news that main stream media is killing and why are the doing so. Please visit and give a thumbs up!

Please use every form of social media to get the story of Adrian Schoolcraft out there as well as any other info you have on NYPD whistle blowers.

The Queens DA just ruled that Adrian Schoolcraft being abducted by corrupt NYPD officers and they are high up cannot be put in front of a Grand Jury!  Gee, I wonder why.  Well Richard Brown and Internal Affairs say Deputy Chief Marino and DI Mauriello did nothing wrong getting an NYPD Swat team with machine guns called ESU unit (interview these guys and I bet they even think it was wrong) shutting down the street, bringing in a fire truck all because Adrian Schoolcraft  had good reason to be scared.  


NYDN March 13, 2013 Update: Adrian Schoolcraft NYPD Whistle Blower is suing over psych ward lockup after doctors held him from leaving  NY Post article on Chief Marino --- juiced tested positve -- listen to Adrian Schoolcraft tape of abduction Deputy Chief Marion sounds "juiced" and like he is the EDP -- emotionally disturbed person not a very calm sane Adrian Schoolcraft.

   PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE AND HEAR DEPUTY CHIEF MARINO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury -- because it was a sure indictment.

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape -- they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers." Read about NYPD Mauriello and others involved getting in trouble.  "Mauriello was charged with purposely tampering with grand larceny and car theft reports, and with misleading internal investigators. The sergeant was accused of failing to verify that two officers had filed a robbery complaint; the same two officers were charged with not following the order to file the complaint."  Fast forward to now - no media coverage Richard Brown says not no foul no crime.  
Here are some links and posts....
short list -- go to the link above for more.

NYPD report supports claims by Adrian Schoolcraft, cop whistleblower
Demands are growing louder for more oversight of the NYPD, but a department official blasted the idea that the city police force needs any extra sets of eyes.  Read this from Queens DA - hold your nose.

DA Excoriated for Handling of Adrian Schoolcraft Case!
4 days ago – By RICHARD STEIER — Monday, December 10th, 2012; 'The Chief / Civil Service ... NYPD Tapes Update: Queens DA Richard Brown's Repor.

Adrian Schoolcraft: Caught in the Snake Pit

August 9, 2010
Whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft is about to throw the book at the NYPD and Jamaica Hospital, charging in an explosive lawsuit that both of them conspired to imprison him in the hospital’s psychiatric ward for six days without any medical justification.
Schoolcraft maintains that, in a maneuver reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, his forced hospitalization was the culmination of an NYPD plan to harass, intimidate, and neutralize him because he had been reporting corruption.

Here are some of my posts....

Mayor Bloomberg Commissioner Kelly Darkest Days Adrian Schoolcraft, 3 NYPD Trials in the Bronx and The First Precinct Makes an Assault Disappear

This blog is dedicated to Det John Vergona and all those involved in making me being violently assaulted by Delita Hooks, Dr. Fagelman’s receptionist office manager disappear .

I was a cop lover and what ever bad apples I blogged about I believe in the good NYPD.  Det John Vergona, his supervisors Sgt Chen, Lt. Burgos and DI Ed Winski taught me a lesson and now I am blogging to work towards a new commission -- we had the Knapp, Mollen and we need a new Commission and even more than that to prevent yet fall back in to what we have now.

Bloomberg Kelly NYPD Darkest Days Part 4 TV Interview Adrian Schoolcraft

FYI :   FYI -- I was a cop lover!     Just two examples after Sept. 11

In case  The Wall Street Journal removes my letter "Betrayal at Ground Zero I made a screen shot.

The New York Times NYPD FDNY Raises 

Note: Special Thanks to the People that re-tweeted my posts on Adrian Schoolcraft and even CCRB being closed by Sandy indefinitely.    You all inspired me to make this blog so thank you.
Thanks and gratitude

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NYPD caught down grading serial rape first degree rape listen to radio show!
Honest NYPD Det retired out of disgust.

Haste Trial:  Activist huge turn out Bronx DA delays trial -- NYPD trying to move it out of the Bronx
Larry Schoolcraft interview but FYI made a mistake he was not a police capt in Texas just a police officer.
NYPD 3 Trials in the Bronx and FYI 2013 is going to be very rough for the NYPD with law suits, criminal trials, stop and frisk and more and  more People calling for outside monitors -- the Feds, a Commission -- the word on the street all over NYC is The NYPD ARE OUT of CONTROL!!!!!!
I was a cop lover.  This Adrian Schoolcraft blog is dedicated to corrupt cop Det John Vergona, his supervisors Lt. Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen, and Deputy Ed Winksi who would not call me back when I reported that Det. John Vergona used a false complaint by Delita Hooks, Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist -- a false cross complaint to make me being assaulted in a medical office go away.
Watch this assault and even Sgt. Chen practically laughed saying you are the one assaulted in the doctors office.  According to the First Precinct Statistical report this never happened.  She could have closed the door but instead she went from stalking me in the office, menacing me violently giving me the finger to far worse.

There is nothing that I or any patient could do to deserve being assaulted.   If any of these NYPD's wives or daughters was assaulted there would have been applied the law.

I am one of how many New Yorkers that have been threatened with false arrest?
I am one of how many New Yorkers that was a victim of a crime and the NYPD prevented it from
being part of their statistical report and did not investigate it they way they should have or at all.

I am one of how many victims that the NYPD played judge, jury and god or should I say the devil?

Under Mike Bloomberg we have a record amount of stop and frisks, a record number of false
arrests.   The NYPD are out of control and they appear to be in the newspaper almost every day.
I was just told a rumor that an NYPD Internal Affairs Sgt was arrested but it smells of payback.

Again and again people wonder does IA investigate or cover-up for the NYPD.

"The incident marks at least the sixth time an NYPD cop has been arrested since the beginning of November, including a former Marine who was also driving drunk, an officer who keyed a man's car after a heated argument, and a jilted sergeant who viciously threatened his ex."

Funny our health conscious mayor has nothing to say about NYPD drinking and driving including manslaughter for NYPD Det Spellman. 

Bloomberg nothing to say about Adrian Schoolcraft's tapes, the Queens DA refusing to put Schoolcraft's abduction by his superiors using a Swat team before a grand jury who would have indicted  Deputy Chief Marino and DI Mauriello for starters and no comment about 3 very disturbing trials in the bronx.  

Google Bloomberg Kelly darkest days.
Brown's "investigation" is based on documents, not testimony. 

The doctors involved already said that they were intimidated by the police presence, and went along with what they wanted, although there was no medical reason to do so. 

Once that testimony comes out in the civil suit, will Brown seek indictments for "falsifying business records" on the doctors?

Brown may have painted himself into a corner once all this comes out at trial, but it was obvious that he had no intention whatsoever in making this Schoolcraft thing a big deal.

Bloomberg Kelly NYPD Darkest Days Part 4 TV Interview Adrian Schoolcraft


Mayor Bloomberg NYPD Det Leopold McLean Guilty of Attempted Murder?

Did the Media not see this legal post from June 2012? 

What does this legal ruling mean?

Excerpts from above go to link:

[*1] People v McLean 2012 NY Slip Op 51045(U) Decided on June 13, 2012 Supreme Court, Queens County Blumenfeld, J. Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law § 431. This opinion is uncorrected and will not be published in the printed Official Reports. 

Decided on June 13, 2012 
Supreme Court, Queens County 

The People of the State of New York 


Leopold McLean, Defendant. 

Thanks Det. John Vergona and his bosses at the First Precinct for this blog to support Adrian Schoolcraft.

CCRB shut down indefinitely

I spoke to Larry Schoolcraft -  I wanted to understand why the NYPD make crimes disappear  --  (note -- I was a victim of a violent assault which I caught the beginning on video and according to the First Precinct--- it never happened!!!!!!!)   and Larry said downgrading crime is about economic development and tourism!

Adrian Schoolcraft was abducted just before Bloomberg' election -- the third term Mike barely won and Mike was selling the lie crime was down.  If the NYPD didn't keep him prisoner essentially kidnapping him and keeping him in a psyche ward --- Adrian could have run to the press alerting them Bloomberg selling crime down a big lie!  Reminder in this article Bloomberg's Bubble Burst the authors point out Bloomberg silenced voices in opposition.  (Looks like that is what this was all about.  Silencing Schoolcraft so he couldn't out Bloomberg as fraud selling the lie how safe NYC is when wasn't.  Note -- we believe Bloomberg thugs were behind my entire YouTube channel being removed before the election.

Bloomberg  is about number games --- money -- economic development and  tourism

NYPD Out of Control We Had the Knapp, Mollen Commissions Time for a New One

[Christine Quinn Sold Out] New comment on Adrian Schoolcraft Whistleblower Retaliation Updat....
The Devil is a Liar! has left a new comment on your post "Adrian Schoolcraft Whistleblower Retaliation Updat...":

"So says Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, whose office conducted a criminal investigation of the incident together with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau."
"Together with NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau"
And there is the problem. The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and the NYPD Investigations Bureau is as crooked as it gets. Their main role seems to be tormenting the members of their own department who have angered or annoyed the brass. Look closely at what agencies have busted REAL criminal cops, I.e. gun runners, drug dealers, etc. and it becomes very clear that these criminals are most often caught by outside agencies. State police departments, Federal law enforcement agencies, etc. Rarely does the NYPD's own internal agencies catch real criminals. 

  1. New York 'stop and frisk' trial set for March 2013
    Aug 27, 2012 – By Basil Katz. NEW YORK, Aug 27 (Reuters) - The broadest legal challenge to the New York Police Department's controversial crime-fighting ...
  2. New York stop and frisk trial set for March 2013 | Reuters ...
    Aug 27, 2012 – NEW YORK (Reuters) - The broadest legal challenge to the New YorkPolice Department's controversial crime-fighting tactic known as stop and ...

    Dear All :

    Join us on Sunday, December 30 at 1 pm in Jackson Heights for a march against Christine Quinn in which we demand that the New York City Council defund the NYPD of the resources to continue their unconstitutional program of stop and frisk.

    Facebook Invite :

    Each and every year, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn approves the NYPD budget without defunding the stop-and-frisk policy.  Since she became Speaker of New York City Council, over 3.7 million New Yorkers have been stopped and frisked.  Why is this acceptable ?

    Read more : A decade of rising stop-and-frisks in New York City :

    To keep up with our efforts to educate New York City voters, hit LIKE on our Facebook page :


    Louis Flores
    Facebook :  Queers Against Christine Quinn
    Twitter :  @stopchrisquinn

My current concern which involves IA is covering up for The First Precinct Det. Squad and how many others (note NYPD PBA fixing and favors only goes on in the Bronx -- yeah right - it goes on every where including City Hall.)   Why would Internal Affairs be so motivated to cover-up for corrupt cops? 

If they admit a cop's guilt it can mean criminals go free or possible innocent folks jailed are freed and more embarrassment for NYPD and lack of credibility, make their testimony in trials worthless and the NYPD has become a "brand" that caters to Wall St. Banks, billionaires and NYPD wants to protect their brand.  

IA has more than enough reasons to do more "covering-up" damage control than actual investigations.

Go to YouTube and watch me get assaulted -- the NYPD did nothing actually they did worse than nothing -- they corrupt cops involved with Det. Vergona in the lead threatened me with false arrest-- I had to wait 4 days for a false arrest -- a weekend of being kidnapped courtesy of corrupt cops First Precinct?

Is the NYPD Undercharging Felonies to Make Their Stats Look Good?

This year, the NYPD has been accused of massively under-reporting crimes, and refusing to investigate crimes in order to keep statistics down. Many of these accusations stem from secret recordings made by former Officer Adrian Schoolcraft. We received a tip that an email has been circulated to the entire Bronx DA's office ("probably by accident") from a high-level prosecutor, who describes their observations of the NYPD undercharging cases:
Subject: complaint room issue: under charging of cases
Good Morning All,
I have been making several observations in the complaint room concerning officers clearly under charging cases, either on their own or based on orders from their supervisors such as charging misdemeanor offenses and it is clear from the arrest report facts that the case is factually a felony or charging a lesser felony than what the facts call for (e.g. forcible touching but the case is actually a Rape 1 or Assault 2 and the case is an attempted murder). Therefore, I need all Assistants to notify me verbally and via email when cases have been grossly undercharged.
I need to know the following information (in an email):
Name of defendant(s)
Arresting Officer, shield number and precinct
Initial arrest charges
Top charge on the complaint
Whether the officer was instructed to charge a lesser offense, if so
the name and rank of the person who instructed him/her
Whether the officer was told the same facts that you were told by the victim
We contacted the Bronx DA's office for a comment.

Get ready for a very very tough year for the NYPD 2013

ps  We had the Knapp and the Mollen Commissions and it seems to me we are on a 20 year cycle -- the time is now...

2013 Frank Serpico joins legal team

Mayor Bloomberg's NYC NYPD Kidnap Arrest Innocent People from Kaylan Pedine to NYPD Whistle Blower Adrian Schoolcraft

Former NYPD Joe Sanchez Betrayed by IA Writes No Arrest Me Being Assaulted Disgrace

Above in Charles Hynes hand writing praise for Joe Sanchez.

Read below in Joe's own words how he was set-up by the NYPD and specifically the Internal Affairs police officers that were suppose to be arresting his corrupt supervisors but as Serpico knew and Adrian Schoolcraft our newest NYPD Whistle Blower on the Block can tell you Internal Affairs has a long history of betraying whistle blowers.

You will read Joe thank Charles Hynes and wishing him good luck on the upcoming election.
Joe Sanchez is sincere.  Joe Sanchez a good honest man and a great cop who was set-up by the NYPD brass to be falsely accused of stealing money from drug dealers which he did not do.  Joe had to support his family and an NYPD officer he worked with him got him a job right away doing security because she knew he was honest and a good person.

I want to ask Charles Hynes --- you knew Joe Sanchez was innocent.  There in your own words what a good cop he is and you did not fight Benjamin Ward the NYPD commissioner at the time to get this good honest cop Joe Sanchez his job back?

Charles Hynes is and was a political animal which is how he has endured so long so he knew Benjamin Ward was doing damage control and Ward wanted Sanchez a honest courageous heroic cop who exposed corrupt supervisors breaking laws out.
Ask Charles Hynes and than ask Richard Brown, the Queens DA why he refused to put Chief Marino and DI Mauriello, in front of a Grand Jury.

Richard Brown will never do what Hynes did which is say Adrian you are a good cop you got f//ked but both men could have fought for these courageous cops trying to expose corruption and did not do enough.

When I saw Hynes we shook hands as he placed his left hand on my 
 shoulder and said, "You know, Jerry, Joe got F**ked. He was a good cop" 
Back in 2007, I went to New York City to promote my books "Latin Blues" and "True Blue: A tale of The Enemy Within" I visited Brooklyn DA Charlie  Joe Hynes at his Brooklyn office. I first met up with his spokesperson,
 Jerry Schmetterer, who co-wrote with NYPD Police Officer Al Sheppard  "E-Man: Life in the NYPD Emergency Service Unit" By the way, Al Sheppard
 is a good friend of mine.

 While at Jerry Schmetterer's office we spoke for a short time. He then
 called Hynes whose office was around the hallway, telling Hynes that I
 wanted to see and speak to him. Hynes told Jerry to bring me into his
office. When I saw Hynes we shook hands as he placed his left hand on my
 shoulder and said, "You know, Jerry, Joe got F**ked. He was a good cop" 

 He then said," Sorry I could not help you get your job back, Joe" He then
 invited me to sit down so we could shoot the breeze. What I first wanted
 to tell him was, "Joe Hynes, you were the new Special State Prosecutor,
 appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo in 1985, when your predecessor Thomas
 Duffy and his assistant prosecutor, Joe Hester, violated my civil rights
 and due process of law by illegally indicting me for a crime I never
 committed. You told me after I was fired by Police Commissioner Benjamin  Ward, that if the NYPD gave me a departmental hearing, so I could prove my
 innocence, you would testified on my behalf. Wow! Unheard of. The Special
 State Prosecutor was stepping up to the plate for a cop that was
wrongfully indicted and arrested on bogus charges of ripping off six { 6 }
drug dealers. Not his partner, Herman Velez, just little old Joe Sanchez.
 A crime neither Velez nor I committed. You were the new Special State
Prosecutor. You were highly respected and feared by those in the Criminal
Justice System, that were corrupt. All you had to do was say,
 'Commissioner Benjamin Ward, in the interest of justice, Joe Sanchez got
 F**ked. Give him a departmental hearing, or immediately reinstate him.'" 

 But, I did not say what I truly wanted to say to Charlie Joe Hynes. He was
 courteous enough to see me and let Jerry know I was f**ked. So I kept my
 mouth shut, and we chatted for a few more minute on how I was doing, and
 the fact that I was able to get my guns back when I became a New York  State corrections officer, even though I had lost my job and pension with  the NYPD after 13 years of dedication to the City of New York.

 We then exchanged books. I signed and handed him two of my books, "Latin
 Blues" and True Blue: A Tale of the Enemy Within" He then signed and
 handed me his first novel " Triple Homicide. The inscription read: To Joe
 Sanchez, a great MOS { Member of Service } NYPD, 2007.

Looking back at
 that storm in my life, I am very grateful for the life preserver he threw
 me while I was drowning, by dismissing my indictment and preventing me

My very best to Brooklyn DA Charlie Joe Hynes in his upcoming election and
God bless him.

-Joe Sanchez    Hero NYPD officer set up by Internal Affairs found me via my post Adrian Schoolcraft meet Joe Sanchez.

The NYPD have a brutal history of retaliating against NYPD Whistle Blowers and IA players in the betrayal.  (Note as I write this IA has my case -- they had 90 days -- it is 6 months since I was violently assaulted and corrupt cops fixed the crime.  I continue to wait for Delita Hooks to be arrested and the NYPD cops involved punished how ever small their punishment because the NYPD protect corruption until they can't like rape, gun running, drug dealing but they including IA continue to protect the PBA NYPD fixing and favors.

Joe Sanchez caught criminals -- amazing arrests but his supervisor threatened to take him by the hand and point out summons to be given because Joe was not meeting his quota! 

Joe Sanchez knows what I, Suzannah B. Troy suffered and he wrote NYPD handling of me being assaulted disgraces honest cops.   I wrote how many letters on behalf of the NYPD including "Betrayal at Ground Zero" in The Wall St. Journal but like Joe Sanchez I was going to get betrayed by corrupt cops at the First Precinct!

FYI:  Joe still has haunting dreams.  Imagine having children to feed and being set-up in the worst way and handcuffed by the IA officers he went to and was wired up by to catch his bosses on tape.

Joe still believes there are more good cops than not and still loved his job as an NYPD officer.

"It's an exciting job where you see it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It stays with you until you die. In the last few days, I've dreamt again where I'm back on the job, and feeling so good about it. But not for long. Some boss tells me word has come down that I've been fired again."

I interview Joe Sanchez and ask him what he would say to Adrian Schoolcraft.

Det John Vergona thought he could make me being assaulted go away.

He was wrong.

Even if Internal Affairs and a corrupt legal system protect him, all the corrupt cops involved, Dr. Andrew Fagelman 155 Spring St who paid Delita Hooks for violent assault including the running punch to my eye that required eye surgery or go blind there is the video and blogs...

and look 30 years later Joe Sanchez is still telling his story and Adrian Schoolcraft is the newest NYPD Whistle Blower to be set-up  -- they did not falsely accuse him of a crime he did not commit or set him up like Serpico for a bullet to his head -- they put Adrian Schoolcraft in a mental ward kidnapping him.

NYPD Betrayal A History of Retaliation against NYPD Whistle Blowers and Internal Affairs Role by Suzannah B Troy