Monday, April 21, 2014

NYPD Chief Marino nypd Sgt. Amanda Palmenta Power Dating and Parking

Adrian Schoolcraft's kidnapper (chief marino in my opinion kidnapped Adrian and retaliated against him) a married man was dating a subordinate?

nypd Sgt. Amanda Palmenta Power Dating?

nypd Sgt. Amanda Palmenta

when her big boss moved to Staten Island she got a transfer --
they are engaged according to Leonard Levit's column but the problem
is Chief Marino is still technically married...

talk about power dating and parking

will away on vacation they got NYPD 24 hour 7 day security
courtesy of the NYC tax payers so the power couple
sure now how to get things done..

is there million dollar home near some famous Mafia families...?

Do you ever get the vibe the NYPD is like legalized mafia?

Wow Mr. Marino 3 wives a million dollar home and a subordinate now a fiancé
that was the famous Manny's ex -- Manny constantly getting arrested now
that he is retired...

When you read the beginning of the Adrian Schoolcraft lawsuit -- Marino
is described as elephant balls and described very different than retired
Chief Esposito explaining away Chief Marino's HGH use....

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