Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Chris Quinn CityTime Crime, Adrian Schoolcraft Lawsuit, NYPD Ramos Trial Horror Show After Election

Mayor Bloomberg Chris Quinn CityTime Crime, Adrian Schoolcraft Lawsuit, NYPD Ramos Trial Horror Show After Election

The corrupt NYPD involved in fixing me being violently assaulted sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint and the fact they used it to coerce me in to dropping charges and is Preet Bharara trying to seal up damning info  on CityTime Crime?

Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn with Bill Thompson and Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Page and Patti harris the short list should all be in court being questioned about CityTime but like the Adrian Schoolcraft trial we are all scratching our heads asking when it the trial going to begin?

Talk about being saved by the bell!

Adrian Schoolcraft was kidnapped by the NYPD just before Mike Bloomberg barely won an election and he and Ray Kelly selling the lie crime is down when in fact NYPD with IAB's help fixing crime and I am proof.  I had a hole made in my retina and would have gone blind without surgery no arrest and IAB fixed it just like Schoolcraft's father Larry told me IAB betrayed his son.

So when is the Adrian Schoolcraft trial going to begin.....As delayed as possible like CityTime crime with Preet refusing to go back in Time and refusing to severe ties with Rose Gill Hearn --- all delayed like the Ramos trial -- that IAB Internal Affairs has now covered up the fact NYPD PBA fixing goes on else where besides the bronx.  How about City Hall.



Note I am alleging Internal Affairs retaliated against me for a series of reasons and one is I exposed them being 3 months behind every year getting the NYPD parking placards out to all NYPD as NYPD ticket the little People with no mercy.

Timing is everything and where is the 911 Criminal trial.

The media NY Times NYDN NY Post endorsed Christine Quinn along with real estate developers and wall street --- but she will lose at the voting booth unless they pay off Board of Elections to fix it.

The media won't report what happened to me although the YouTube is about to break 15,600 views.

It feels like the early stages of Nazi Germany here and it is all about greed and silencing voices in opposition.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE  Delita Hooks Dr Fagelman's violent lying reception who can be so Jodi Arias sweet when she feels like it was out of control abusive and first I tried to get help from my MD who was already in with another patient and than I started to film because she violated my patient rights.




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