Monday, April 8, 2013

NYPD Reform Cannot Happen Until NYPD Stop Retaliating Against Whistle Blowers

I am working on my YouTube documentary on NYPD Hero Joe Sanchez who 30 years dared to speak up and report a truly "Bad Lt." who got his pals in Internal Affairs to help set Joe Sanchez up and now in September 2013 the Adrian Schoolcraft trial begins and the NYPD that took Adrian Schoolcraft hostage and had him held against his will in a mental ward for 4 days will be forced to finally to take responsibility unless they "testilie".

From working on this YouTube documentary having filmed part 2 yesterday about how 30 years ago we have a documentation in our possession today that shows how Internal Affairs cops kidnapped a community member they want to lie and state Joe stole money from him and he refused to lie so he held for 4 days.

I realized we can talk about reforming the NYPD but we will not have reform until the NYPD can be forced to stop the retaliation and what we will learn during the Adrian Schoolcraft trial is yet another hero NYPD officer felt Internal Affairs betrayed him and set him up.

Serpico also will be on the scene since he is part of the legal time ---  a third NYPD whistle blower that can testify the NYPD has a history of retaliating against whistle blowers.   Sadly David Durk has died.

I always wanted to talk to him and never got the opportunity.

I have called Charles Hynes and left a message and two emails today.

If Charles Hynes doesn't agree to be interviewed by me and also speak up for Joe while I have
an 83 year old juror who fought for Joe Sanchez  30 years ago - her letter to Charles Hynes
and his response agreeing with her on my blog -- if she is granting me an interview
30 years later why isn't Hynes?
Above the link to Charles Hynes letter of agreement Joe Sanchez must be re-instated
but it never happened!  Look at the letters!

Charles Hynes a beautiful comment on part 2 of my on going YouTube series. 

Joe Sanchez has positive feelings about you and your letter powerful.

I am critical of your friendship of Vito Lopez 

Part 3 will be the juror that wrote you -- she is 83 recovering but will 30 years later to speak up for Joe as more People ask Joe Sanchez be re-instated and a miscarriage of Justice be finally addressed. 

Can we meet early next week?

It will be sad to make part 4 your refusal to be interviewed. 

With Adrian Schoolcraft's trial there will great scrutiny of how NYPD Whistle Blowers are treated and the history of retaliation. 

Let's meet next week and give me a 10 minute interview.  

Thank you,

Suzannah B. Troy
Artist Activist
YouTube Documentary on NYPD Joe Sanchez

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Very well done Joe, hope it all works out and one day they reinstate you as should be.
Your friend, Gene

Charles Hynes glowing note to Joe signed in a book Charles wrote praising Joe as a good cop!

My letter writing mayor Bloomberg, Commish Kelly and Charles Hynes asking Joe and his family be given an apology from The City of NY and re-instate Joe honorary re-instatement.


NYPD Mollen Commission -- called for a permanent outside monitor.

I want to be clear -- me Suzannah B. Troy -- no agency beholden to the mayor and Dept of Investigation his political arm can be considered an "outside monitor" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYPD Reform Cannot Happen Until NYPD Stop Retaliating Against Whistle Blowers

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